Welcome to my website. 

Some people say create a “professional” website.  Professional to them means write about writing, editing, publishing or social media.  I say “be who you are.” If I wrote fiction, I might think blogging about writing was important.  I write creative non-fiction and I think it is very important to be true to yourself in your writing and all aspects of life.  I occasionally write a “techi-tip,” but that’s probably because I like computers.

This site is about who I am; it’s not about writing.

I’ve been an animal lover since I was a child and that’s how I define myself.  I care for a feral cat colonyI have a German shepherd, and a Ragdoll cat. My beloved four year old polydactyl cat, Dac, died November 2, 2014.

I do my blogging on kritiquekritics.com.


Updated 12/29/14
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